Our Research

Our Research

What We Do

WITH EXPERTISE We use our expertise in the design, preparation and characterisation of dielectric liquids and composites to produce materials with desired electromagnetic properties, and then develop novel antennas and RF/microwave devices tailored for specific applications in the field of wireless communications, RF and microwave engineering technologies. CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT Our state-of-the-art laboratory at the University … Continue reading What We Do

Research Facilities

SIMULATION & MEASUREMENT FACILITIES We conduct our research in one of the world’s leading universities. The Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics houses a vast array of simulation tools (e.g. CST, HFSS, FEKO and ADS) and measurement facilities (e.g. chambers and VNAs) for antennas, RF/microwave devices and systems designs and performance evaluation The Chemistry Department … Continue reading Research Facilities

Aims & Objectives

1 - ANTENNA DESIGN Design and fabricate compact and efficient liquid or hybrid antennas which are flexible or reconfigurable in terms of the main antenna parameters (such as the operational frequency, radiation pattern, and size) and suitable for real world applications. 2 - MATERIAL DEVELOPMENT Develop the most suitable liquid, solid or composite materials with … Continue reading Aims & Objectives